We are OPEN but working with strict social distancing guidelines Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and 9.30am-2pm on Saturday. We are operating our full range or workshop services and product sales but the shop continues to be closed for entry unless invited. Please bear with us during this difficult time. We want to be open but also not open to placing ourselves or you at risk.

We are experiencing huge volumes of calls to our landline and the shop mobile and have now installled an answerphone so that we can manage calls and call-backs when possible. Over the past few weeks the sheer volume of calls coupled with calling customers has severely hampered our ability to spend time getting bikes and wheels built and repaired and we appreciate that this can be frustrating if you want to contact us. Please use our contact form or leave a message and we will get back to you.

Very importantly in relation to online orders, we are a small shop with just two permanent staff. We simply do not have time to manage the inventory on our website at the current time, So before placing an order, especially for complete bicycles, please contact us to check stock and availability.

Finally, our workshop and repair services are running at full-tilt. We are doing our best to manage same day or following day turnaround but are severly hampered by the availablity of parts so if we can get you back up and running quickly then we will but if we can't then please understand that the entire bicycle industry is flat-out and some components and parts are now in very short supply.

We are doing what we can, working hard and trying to offer our high standards and quick turnaround where possible. We've been blown away with the appreciation we have recieved during this period but please bear with us as we try to meet your expectations. Thank you. David and George.

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